Birds of a Feather

12″ x 12″ Acrylic on canvas

I’m back after taking a few days off from my computer! I promised my husband that I would not do ANY work while we escaped to the mountains to celebrate our anniversary, I must admit it was nice to unplug and get in touch with nature, and focus on us and our relationship!

I did however bring a few painting supplies with me! It was really nice to sit outside the cabin and watch the birds, squirrels, lizards, bunnies and chipmunks scurry around while I painted. “Birds of a Feather” was inspired by the sights and sounds around me, the beautiful blue sky, colorful birds and peace and quiet.

I won’t bore you with all the vacation photos, but this was what we looked out on from our deck, not a bad view! Okay, now back to work and 600+ emails to respond to, ugh.

The view from our cabin!

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      1. I know I just plain forget we “are” part of nature, lol! If humanity survives, we will take nature to other worlds! Our morning walks (too hot in the afternoons now) definitely ground us for the rest of the day inside! 😊

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