My Husband, Warhol and Garcia

I love recreating photos. 

Andy Warhol has been a source of my inspiration for most of my life. So, since we have all this free time on our hands, I decided to recreate my favorite image of Mr. Warhol using my favorite medium, my husband Mark! He is very patient with me and obliges all my whims. 

The more I look at it, the more details I see I could have added, but considering we did this with what we had on hand, in under 30 minutes, I think we did pretty good! 

This is not the first time. The last time Mark grew his beard out a few years ago I did him up as Jerry Garcia, I still get a kick out of this one! 

I have a couple other ideas but would love your suggestions, who should Mark be next? 

Stay creative, stay calm, make the best of every minute!



  1. Great likenesses. Mark could be a stunt double. Jim See, one of the architects of Cherry/See Architects who sare space with us really looked like Jerry Garcia when he was younger. When Edie and I would do public meetings, Jim would come along and sit in the back of the room. One time one of a client asked “Is that Jerry Garcia tagging along? Who is that character?” It was hilarious.

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      1. Ahhh, we’ll I thought about it after wondering if I’d mistaken that, then realized the two side by sides were (truly) so good, you could have done both halves! I can only imagine the fun you two have sometimes, lol! 😊💕

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  2. Very nice Tiffany! How about Hemingway? A very creative approach. Really like it. Take good care and all the best,

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