Flying Trapeze

20″ x 16″ Acrylic on canvas

One of the most exhilarating experiences of my life was running as fast as I could and jumping off a 300 foot drop ocean cliff. Mind you, I was attached to a professional tandem para-glider who promised me I would live.  I almost threw up when I realized I was airborne, but a few minutes later I was flying, soaring high over the most beautiful ocean cliffs I had ever seen. Incredible experience.

This painting reminds me of the excitement of that moment when I jumped. Intense. Vivid. Pulse pounding. Invigorating. Exciting. 

Share with me, tell me about your most thrilling or exciting experience!? 


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  1. One of my most exciting experiences? Standing on the edge of a volcano looking down into the glowing crater, the earth shaking and lava rock bombs dropping out of the mist, visible just before the they hit the ground around me. Scary. Powerful. Insane.

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  2. Whoa! That image itself just jumps! And your story of dashing off a cliff! Well, I’m not sure I’ve ever done anything even near that, lol! Maybe 1st time I let my two oldest kids ride in a roller coaster car by themselves 😊

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