New Frontier

11″ x 9″ mixed media on canvas board

“The keyword is survival in the new frontier” lyric from the song linked below. 

I just realized that my last painting was named “New World” and this one is “New Frontier” I guess I have “new” on my mind! 

I’m still painting on paper, cardboard, wood, vinyl, pretty much everything is a canvas to me. Since my husband is unemployed now, he is growing out his hair and beard. I’ve been cutting his hair since we got married, so I’ve been having fun creating new looks for him! I will eventually create an album with all his new “Quarantine Looks”, here is one of my favorites so far! (he doesn’t normally look like this!)

My husband, Mark!

I hope you enjoy the song/link below, one of my favorite songs! 

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  1. I like your New Frontier. That’s funny. My hair looked like Mark’s this morning. What’s also funny is Laurie makes me cut her hair, but she won’t cut my hair. Cutting Laurie’s hair is one of the few things that really stresses me out. One mistake and I would never hear the end of it.

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    1. Haha! I’ve tried to get Mark to cut mine too, he won’t, I cut my own hair too. But, I used to make him help me pull hair through a cap for highlighting, that was a nightmare, he usually quit after a few minutes!

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      1. Mark’s smarter than I am, and you must not be as insistent as Laurie. However, the last time she got her hair cut and colored into an ombra, it was a complicated process and cost around $400 when all was said and done. Yikes!

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  2. Back again to enjoy your “New Frontier” artwork & musical selection, too 🎨😎🎶🎵 Wishing you a wonderful day & new week ahead, my dear friend Tiffany!

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