Inside Outside

11″ x 8″ Acrylic on canvas board

Or should it be “On the Outside Looking In”? All I know is that I want to be outside!!!

The last time I was in public, (besides 2 trips to the local market and daily walks in the hood) was my friend Diana Konrad’s sculpture exhibition on March 7th. It was a beautiful evening at the San Diego Sculptors Guild in Balboa Park, it was also the first time I noticed people starting to social distance, no hugs or handshakes.

Now, that is the new norm. My husband and I are fortunate to have each other. We have a lot of friends and family that are all alone, it can’t be easy. I’ve been making it a point to call and text them, just check in, everyone feels better knowing that someone is thinking about them. 

With that said, I am thinking about you! I hope that you are doing well and staying occupied, creative and making the best of this strange time. 


Friends and artists Xavier Bailey and Diana Konrad

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