Aquatic Graffiti

16″ x 20″ Mixed media on canvas

While organizing my studio I found this painting from 2018. It was never titled or shared and I don’t know why, it’s kind of cool! Spray paint, acrylic, and yes, there’s even a pressed marijuana leaf which adds to the “experimental” feel of the painting. 

I get the feeling of swimming through an aquarium filled with exotic creatures and faunas, lights, sounds, and even some aquatic graffiti. Whoa, yeah.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and interpretations! 




  1. I think your interpretation is quite accurate and good, and I subscribe to it 100%. Very nice and colourful and well worked. All the best to you,

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  2. So very cool, Tiffany! Aquatic and tropical – literally glows! The pressed leaf is perfect, preserved for prosperity as they say 😊 Reminds me of Galveston in my youth in the best of ways! Happy New Year & Decade! ❤️

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