12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas

“Lobotomy has an energy that can’t be denied, explosive, electrifying, abstract at it’s finest!” said a friend of mine. I just think it’s rad!

It’s also a great song by the Ramones! Well, technically the song is called Teenage Lobotomy, but you get it.

The original painting is available for sale as well as prints, please contact me for details!


  1. I like Timothy’s skull head look idea, and to me, like it’s on a watering can or tea pot, just to make it that much more surreal! Well if the Ramones had it as Teenage Lobotomy, Tiffany you have it as the grown up version! The colors really pop off the black background – electrifying indeed!

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      1. Thank “you” Tiffany! I’m just glad my crazy interpretations come across okay, lol! Our six year old really struggles sometimes to “get” what I’m saying, but at least the poor guy knows I’m just letting my imagination flow ❤️

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