Angels and Demons

I think it’s the appropriate time of year to break this one out.

It is dark, stormy. I feel there are multiple souls from opposite sides fighting for dominance. There is definitely a conflict. You might think that the dark is in control, but the light is actually stronger, and it will reign again.

Another early painting, and unfortunately the victim of unintended damage, it has a small tear in the canvas, so the original is not for sale. I still love the painting so I am offering prints and merchandise available on my Fine Art America site.

You can order any size or product of my images! Click here.


  1. Just got home and was “trying” to get myself to check my emails, lol, when this gem popped up!

    Gotta tell ya, Tiffany, the depth incursions through out is marvelous! Love the blue tonal changes and sense of a cavern or – the more I looked at it – a chest cavity with view of the spine and an obviously healthy heart (not seen) keeping the blues so beautifully oxygenated! Doesn’t matter to me what color oxygenated’s supposed to be in this case, lol! Really love this, Tiffany ❤️

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  2. Brings to mind a turn of phrase by Tom Waits on an early album, “If I exorcise my demons, my angels might leave too.” Very nice. I love the variety of blues.

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