In The Wash

30″ x 30″ Mixed media on canvas

This is my favorite painting ever. Okay, top five, but really, I LOVE this piece! ❤️

Mixed media. It’s my jam. Can I be taken serious as a mixed media artist? That’s always been a concern for me, research implies I should stick to oils or acrylics to be considered a “sell-able” artist.

Whatever. I create what I feel.

To create this piece, I started with acrylic on canvas, then a large water color/acrylic woven piece is modge podged into the canvas. To add even more depth, layers of water colored newsprint is immersed into the piece. Finally, acrylic paint is strategically splattered to enhance the washing machine concept.

Symbolically, this mixed media art piece represents the “washed” news that is available to mainstream America. I generally avoid talking politics and religion, especially here, but I’m not blind to what is going on. I recently re-read Orwell’s 1984 and I almost named this Newspeak, seems fitting.

Please contact me if you are interested in this piece, or any of my art work, most originals are available as prints also.



  1. It’s like washing “Dirty Laundry” if you recall Don Henley’s song. I love mixed media and it works really well for making points in abstraction. “In the Wash” is a wonderful piece. There is a lot to look at and to look for. The mix of basketweave grid, news strips with all your swirls and various colors, some flowing, others chaotic, makes it work very well. Excellent piece with a nice jab at the mainstream media without being overly political or hostile.


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