6″ x 6″ mixed media on canvas

This desktop art piece started with acrylic paint in the background, then, I cut up a print of one of my favorite paintings, “A Thousand Faces” and modge podged it onto the canvas along with some ancient pressed flowers.

It’s hard to capture in the photo, but there are some faces peeking out of the strips of print. “Lost” really speaks to me, I think it reminds me of my favorite childhood book “Where the Wild Things Are” for some reason?



  1. Nice. It has a bookish look about it. I commented on your previous post, but it was one among several comments that got lost in the ether. I was thinking that you could make 3x3x3 cubes painted differently on each of the six sides for another form of desktop paintings. They would be changeable depending on which side you are looking at, and stackable, as well.

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      1. A lot of the old masters did small paintings. When I walk into a gallery and among the paintings there is a small painting in comparison to the others, I invariably walk over to see what the small painting is about.

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