It’s a Mix

18″ x 18″ Mixed media on canvas

Are you wondering what you are looking at? The title says it all! This one started as a soft, flowing pastel piece on canvas, it was nice. But it needed something else.

And then my incredibly talented Mother introduced me to a new technique that she learned in her painting class, weaving paintings. I am hooked!

Basically you take two paintings on paper of the same size, cut them into strips, and then randomly weave them together. We all have piles of old paintings that we were never satisfied with, right?! I like the ones with contrasting colors the most!

Example of a woven painting

Well, then I took it a step further and modge podged the whole weave into a painting, it looks awesome, (I will post that one later!). But for “It’s a Mix”, I decided to just glue some strips of a watercolor painting into that nice, soft, flowing, beautiful pastel piece. Then, I enhanced it with some of those crazy cool mixed media pens that I have been playing with lately, and finished it off with the black pastel frame, I love it!

Please contact me for more details if you would like to own this masterpiece!



  1. It’s a Mix is wonderful. It reminds me of the old days when I had to put board planks in the irrigation ditch to dam the water to irrigate. Sometimes when I was trying to pull the planks up, they would get away and go swirling downstream in the current looking very much like It’s a Mix.. Then I would have to run down the ditch bank and jump in the ditch several time to retrieve my planks. The basket weave is really nice, as well.

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