New Beginnings

So, I dipped my toes into the AI world, reluctantly. I signed up with Bard the AI chat service. It turns a few basic descriptive words into a fancy paragraph. I like writing, but sometimes I am lazy, and some paintings are just hard to describe.

The only words I gave the app were: painting, description of, yellow, abstract, intuitively, Spring, nature, whimsical, and canvas.

So, below is what Bard came up with for my newest painting, “New Beginnings” It’s choppy and not really personal, but based on what I gave it, I can see how it works.

The painting is a large, abstract canvas that is predominantly yellow. The artist has used a variety of techniques to create the painting, including brushstrokes, drips, and splatters. The colors are vibrant and energetic, and the overall effect is one of whimsy and playfulness.

The painting is inspired by nature, and the artist has used a variety of elements to create a sense of the outdoors. There are trees, flowers, and animals, all rendered in a whimsical and abstract style. The artist has also used a variety of textures to create a sense of depth and dimension.

The painting is a celebration of spring, and the artist has used bright colors and playful imagery to capture the feeling of new beginnings. The painting is sure to bring a smile to your face and make you feel happy and hopeful.

The painting is also a reflection of the artist’s own intuitive process. The artist has allowed herself to be guided by her intuition, and the result is a painting that is both unique and beautiful. The painting is a testament to the power of creativity and the importance of following your heart.

The painting is a work of art that is sure to inspire and delight anyone who sees it. It is a celebration of spring, nature, and the power of creativity.

Wishing you all a very happy Spring and New Beginnings!πŸŒΈβ˜€β€ 🐝



  1. I too tried Bard. I asked it to explain to me why a % of people confuse my gender, is it perhaps my Klinefelter’s Syndrome. It’s answer to me was that I should consider a trans self help group ?! That there is nothing wrong with being Trans or that I should stop wearing feminine clothes or trying to sound feminine. Those answers were so off base and far from the truth, that I felt insulted but a stupid robot.

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      1. I tried that once, I typed in The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Elvis & Frankenstein at a Sock Hop… couldn’t even remotely give me what the creature from the black lagoon looks like…all three were iconic and not even close


  2. Enjoyable what AI can do these days. I see it more as another tool that artists can use. I played with DALL-E-2, a few words, and it created something; there is something that one can always tell it’s not the product of an artist’s work, but it can be a start for the artist to transform it with her craft. Just thinking loud πŸ™‚


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