16″ x 16″ Mixed media painting on canvas

After making a few art sales last month, I finally broke down and purchased a few new canvasses! Mostly due to a lack of space, I have been painting on paper and sketchbooks for the last few years, so it felt really good to stretch out on a bigger playing field!

I named this piece Jezabel because I was thinking about one of my old cats, that was her name, she was a naughty one, but sweet at the same time!😉🙀❤



  1. I loved the piece Tiffany. It takes money to make money. If I ever make any money I will let you know. Right now it is a gift to be able to write and be published. We are looking at a house in New Mexico close to Silver City. 🎊🌟🎊🌟

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    1. Thank you so much, Joni!!! Yeah, please let me know if you find the secret to making lots of money with little effort, I’m all ears! 😂 I looked up Silver City, it looks amazing, small town life sounds really good to me, fingers are crossed that your dream home is in the near future! 🤗❤


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