February Favorite Photos

Orchids always look like they are singing to me!

I must have blinked. February came and went.

It wasn’t unforgettable though, San Diego has had exceptional rainfall and cool weather for our usual dry region. The hillsides are green, the wildflowers are thriving, and the surrounding mountains are white with snow!

My husband and I snuck off for a few days to our local mountains just before the storm hit, perfect timing!

We enjoyed wine and cider tasting, hiking, live music, and some amazing food! We were amused by the wild turkey along the highway, enjoyed beautiful sunsets, and everywhere we went we were greeted by genuinely nice people, the service was outstanding. Overall, it might have been one of our favorite getaways! ☺

Couldn’t you just spend hours here? We did, and got lost, never-ending rooms!
California Poppies are in bloom in Temecula!!
February 2023, a collection of my favorite photographs.
Shady Grove, she’s my favorite model!



  1. Great fun! The nicknack place looks so cool. OMG, I haven’t seen a Big Boy statue in years. Beautiful photos. I love the kitty portrait.

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          1. Which, 15, is too much time. The damages of fires to Nature and the people take ages to fix. Now I remember, in th 70’s, in the South of France, every summer there would be fires and fires and fires. And it still goes on. Not enough credits on forest management methinks…

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  2. So much fun! Each one is a new favorite – they’re so pretty and interesting! Thank you for taking us on a tour of your February, Tiffany! And for showing us that magnificent cat! 😻♥️😻

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