It’s a Wonderful Life

11” x 14” mixed media on paper

This painting makes me think of nostalgia, tradition, winter, hope, and I’m not certain but there may be some angels, and a bridge? Oh, and the colors are kinda Christmasy, and it’s that time of year, so I’m calling it, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

I’m not a big fan of what Christmas has become. I don’t like the commercialism, the stress, hype, and the need to spend so much money!!! (This, coming from a retail sales manager!)

I have never liked selling my own artwork, and selling art hasn’t been my priority this year with the new job responsibilities, but I have sold a couple of pieces lately, thank you so much to my friends and supporters! 😉

I create art every day because I HAVE to, it’s the release I need and my therapy. If I can share it with someone who will enjoy looking at it every day, awesome! Please send me a message or comment on any piece that speaks to you!☺



  1. It’s a wonderful painting, dear Tiffany! I really like your style, and I think it has a big city downtown vibe, with skyscrapers and activity. Keep up the good work my friend, and Merry Christmas to you and yours! 😎🎨🎄

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  2. I agree with you about Christmas and it’s great you sell your art… The picture is something I can’t quite work out. It’s like a mix of different things almost like an old 1930’s city at sunset.

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  3. I can see all of those things in your paintings, too! I can relate to the need to do art for therapy. Haha! I look forward to reclaiming my therapy, too l, from my art getting going again. I also can relate to not wanting to sell or be salesperson-y. I had put stuff up in a couple of different places but nothing sold but I didn’t honestly give it a good enough effort back then. Then I stopped making it because of the pileup phenomenon. Then just like that I stopped. May you never stop!!!

    Congrats to you on your success! May much, much more success come to you my friend!!

    I love all the beauty in this image and I can see lots evolving after looking at it. It’s one of those paintings that will keep sharing more! Happy Holiday vibes 🥰. There’s something very idyllic and charming about small business though. Also “It’s a Wonderful Life” is also quite a good movie. We made fun of it when we were kids but by the time I was a late teen, I was moved by that movie!

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  4. The beams of light soar! Everything about this piece shimmers – ripples of loving energy for a weary world. LOVE IT! And your message is important. I hope a lot of people will take the time to read your words. For many people, art is life. Thank you for letting us see yours! 👏👏👏👏👏

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  5. Beautiful painting, Tiff. It does make me think of the twin towers falling though. I immediately saw an aero plane. Have no fear! I will reframe my view of it to the beautiful holiday spirit your message conveys. 💜💜🎄🎅🍷

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