Sky Searching

Believe it or not, I did this painting intentionally, as opposed to intuitively which is how 99% of my work is created. I was trying to create a specific color/design for a new shower curtain in our bathroom, we’ve had the same plain white one for too many years. I really like the soft colors, it reminds me of looking down from an airplane through the clouds. ✈ 🌥

We are also in the midst of a miserable heat wave, so I’m drawn to the soft, light, cool hues right now, I will try anything to stay cool, and it’s been scientifically proven that cool colors really can make your environment cooler. 😉

In the end, it has too much blue so it won’t work for my original intention, I wanted more green, but maybe it’s just right for you? You can visit my Fine Art America site here to see this design on a multitude of products, and so much more! ☺