7″ x 11″ Mixed media collage

“Geometric” is another piece in my Hoodoo series! You might be able to see the common denominator in each of these pieces? I have one more in the series to post, coming soon!☺



  1. This series is really nice Tiffany, I love the colors that you use and all the activity going on, I see lots of faces, and a floating woman in each piece. Beautiful you lovely redheaded artist you! Love Joni

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  2. Striking, as they all have been, Tiffany. As for a common element, I see two – eyes of some sort, and a visitor spirited away from realms beyond. Both fit within Hoodoo’s broader framework.

    Bright and sparkling now, at summer’s zenith, and more chilling as we approach October’s haunted summary.


  3. I am seeing a chequered-eyed monster



  4. Yes, there was definitely something familiar in the picture. I like that you use so many techniques together. It gives life to the pictures and makes me wonder what you do next.


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