It’s Spiritual

11″ x 14″ mixed media collage on canvas

I love mixing up my mediums! Here I started with acrylic on canvas, then I adhered the cut-up alcohol ink on photo paper pieces on top. Some acrylic dots and strategiclly placed circles balance it all out.

I still struggle with photographing my paintings that have solid black or dark paint, the glare is impossible to avoid. I’ve tried everything, indoor, and outdoor, screens, shades, and various lighting, but there is always a glare in my photos. Does anyone else have this problem? I’m open to advice!



  1. I was drawn right to the butterfly in front of seedy fruit, reminded me of a pomegranate. Sorry, I don’t have advice, other than please keep making your art. It’s always a lovely surprise.

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  2. Splendid mixed media artwork, Tiffany, and I appreciate you sharing details about your creative processes, too. Lovely work! As for how to minimize glare, as described, are you using any post processing software (Photoshop, Lightroon, Affinity Photo, etc.)?

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  3. Looks real good to me, Tiffany – very upbeat, musical even, maybe a guitar in there! ❤️ Wish I had something to offer re glare, I struggle with it way too often; but honestly this one shows really well! 😊 Tweeted!

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    1. Thank you, Adan! I’m glad it’s not just me that has this issue, and there have been a couple of suggestions here that I will play with again, maybe it’s just finding the right app! 😉


  4. Natural light is best, early morning or late afternoon if possible. Shade is also good. If you need to shoot them indoors try shining a light (white balanced) on the ceiling and then move around to avoid glare. You could also try putting the painting on the floor and standing on a bed or couch, again experimenting with the angle of the light.

    Nothing is easy Tiffany. 🥴

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      1. If you want I can come over and take the photos for you? I’ll need a plane ticket, penthouse suite (or similar), rental car (preferably a Tesla) and entertainment (your choice). 🤠

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  5. That’s dope, I tend to see people in your work, looks like demonic mafioso in a blue sports coat with a murder victim and a woman in distress to his right.

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  6. wow! looks very extra-terrestrial!

    Obvious, but is the flash firing when you photograph them? Or, have you tried contacting a local photographer who might have a studio? Who might also have experience setting up lighting?

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    1. Thank you so much Pete! Yes, I have a good friend with a photography studio and he has shot some of my work there, the quality difference is amazing! He taught me some tips, but I just can’t create the same perfect light at home, I keep trying! 😉

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  7. Oh I love this – such riot of form and colour. As for photographing your work it’s trick – I have a similar issue with shadow. Have you tried outside with the sun behind the work? Maybe some kind of subdued light – maybe with the light filtered with a thin sheet or on a cloudy day might work?

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    1. Thanks for chiming in here Simon, good suggestions! It’s tough to shoot outdoors, it’s pretty sunny in San Diego, but the late afternoon in the shade does work best. I want to find a thin shade cloth and contraption to hold it, I rarely have an assistant!

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