Serpentine Wall

I have been craving the ocean lately. Craving the calm soothing sounds of the waves, submerging myself in the cool water, it’s so comforting to me. I woke up this morning and painted this immediately and quickly, without thinking. Now I know it’s my soul poking at me, telling me what I need, it’s time to listen. πŸŒŠπŸ‘‚



      1. I enjoy your photography. We are a multitalented bunch and enjoy many things. I love that you make jewelry too as do I. However I cannot draw a stick figure. Your artwork is really lovely Tiffany. Again, no hurry. Whenever your ready. Love you sweetheart. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ¦‹


      1. that must make the decision easy 🀣

        We’re nowhere near mountains but probably the same distance from the sea. But it is very benign around here. We have to travel for more dramatic coasts. We’ve vacationed in the mountains, in summer, and I enjoyed that very much. But I don’t think I’d like them in bad weather (plus the weather tended to be worse there than lowlands).


  1. Caught this on Fine Art America & had to pop over to your site 😊 I get the feel of flying over a series of small islands in the lushest of seas, low, in a small plane, the smell of the water through the small open window, already dreaming of sleeping by the murmuring sea β™₯️ Very evocative, Tiffany!

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