I wore a scarf featuring my painting “Leaps and Bounds” to my art show opening the other night, (post about that coming soon!) and everyone was oohing and ahhing over it! I promised I would post links to my Redbubble site, so here you go!

The scarves are pretty big, 55″ x 55″, big enough to make into a sarong or a skirt, and I have to say I was really impressed with the quality of the fabric which is a microfiber polyester, it’s really light and soft. The prices are very affordable, and I think they make great gifts, so stock up, take advantage of the discount when you buy more than one! 😉🙏

If you don’t see your favorite painting in the gallery, let me know, I can add it!!!☺



  1. Absolutely beautiful! 😊 Now we have the possibility to bring your wonderful paintings with us, wherever we go! I can see myself bundle up in one of those in wintertime.

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    1. Thanks, Bird! And they ship all around the world, that’s the best thing about a third party distributor, it is so much easier, and cheaper to ship internationally. Shipping costs as an individual are ridiculous!

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