Eye In The Sky

9” x 12” Mixed media collage on paper

Here’s the description I wrote for this piece on my FAA site, “The only problem with intuitive abstract designs is that I don’t know how to explain them! I randomly chose images out of magazines and cut and place them strategically until I like the symmetry and balance of the colors. I love all the colors in this piece!”

It’s true. I can’t tell you what it “is”, or why I created it, it just happened, like all my artwork, intuitively and without a plan. For me, it’s all about color balance and interesting design. It often doesn’t make sense, but it happens for a reason, and I think that each painting is meant for someone, connecting the two is the challenge!

You can find prints of this design and more on my Fine Art America site here!



  1. It is fun to read other comments, how different people see different things. Thank you for creating wonderful pictures with no limits in possible interpretations.

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      1. You are so welcome it is truly beautiful. Bravo 🎉 seriously it is one of my favorites. It could be literally because it is hard to stop looking at it. There are many interpretations on this piece as well. Can’t you take that one to the show along with your beautiful lake piece? You will rock the show. ❤️🤗🙏🦋💕🎉🎉

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