Get Up Stand Up

22″ x 28″ Acrylic on recycled canvas

I can’t believe I never posted this painting before. It was completed in 2018, I think it made an appearance in some shows, then it got buried behind thousands of other paintings for the last couple years.

Because I believe in recycling and upcycling, I sometimes paint over other paintings, either my own or canvases that I find in thrift stores or garage sales. This was a nothing-special mass produced painting I picked up at a garage sale, the canvas was still in good shape.

Around this time I was experimenting with pouring paint. I thinned the paint and adding a pouring medium, then watched as the colors merged and separated, so cool! Then I added layers of acrylic in interesting shapes and directions over that.

Without getting too political, “Get Up Stand Up” is just one of Peter Tosh and Bob Marely’s songs that speaks to me. Not only is it an internationally recognized human rights anthem, but also a personal reminder to stay true and to stand up for what is right!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! ☺❤🖤🙌



  1. Oh yeah, this is like a re-find then for you, Tiffany! First as a used canvas, then redone into one of your own, love that! But more than that is the painting itself – so rich! All those definite possibilities folks’ve already mentioned that’s conjured up, lol! I saw a golden-gate like bridge afire with festivities and some sort of celebration 😊 Would love to see some tight detail shots of the texture and layers you mentioned. It’s already a stunning image 2D, but live, w/more 3D, oh boy, must be a beauty! ♥️

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    1. Thank you, Adan! 🙏 I always appreciate your thoughtful and encouraging comments, my friend! You make a great point, I should post some close-ups and different angles (maybe videos?) of my paintings, they usually have a lot of texture that you just don’t see from a straight-on photo, thanks for the suggestion! 😊🎨👍

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      1. Video would probably work even better! Texture and surface interest is such an important part of it all, for me anyway; only beginning to realize how much I lose not presenting something about the surface or detail shot of my own stuff; and yours, I have a feeling, is superb in the original! 😊

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  2. Beautifully powerful! Wow! There are so many things to see, to feel! The verticals crackle like the flames of truth, burning bright in the darkness. Or humanity standing tall, full of hope. So much depth, so many opportunities to explore…♥️ it!!!!

    You’re wonderful at this!!! Pouring paint always ends badly for me – LOL – but I’ve found that blowing it across a canvas can be fun (as long as I don’t hyperventilate 😂)


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    1. Ah, shucks, thank you kindly, Robin! I love your description, and it is all that, and then some!😉 Yes, pouring can be very messy, and I know what you mean about hyperventilating!!🤣 But it’s still so much fun to see how it comes out! 🙏😊


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