Split Personality

16” x 20” Mixed media on canvas

“Split Personality” is growing on me. I had it where I really liked it, I should have stopped, but I over worked it and then I hated it. Then I made some big changes, and now it’s back in my good graces. I often have rocky relationships with my paintings, eventually things work out! The lesson is; never give up!

I’m guessing the problem I had with this painting is due to my own split personality. I am a woman with many sides, many layers, and so many ideas! Sometimes it’s difficult to stop, to NOT throw all my ideas into the same fire, I have to remember to slow down and build one piece at a time!

Mixed media is such a liberating medium or style, pretty much anything goes. In this mixed media painting, I wanted to incorporate paper towels. I love to add texture to my work and I found the quilted paper towel is perfect, it’s easy to work with, it absorbs colors well, and it adds texture in many ways.

This piece is for anyone with an eye for color and a hunger for mischief! Someone who thinks out of the box and who doesn’t conform to normalcy. If this describes you, please contact me, this painting is for you!

Custom prints are available at Fine Art America



  1. I really like this one. I like the asymmetrical contrast between the areas of colour. (Could’ve been more predictably symmetrical with a name like split personality.) Lots of interesting shapes and lines too.

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  2. Ah, wow Tiffany….I can deeply relate to this piece.. It feels like my life over the past few years up until 6/19 when I experienced the profound healing that has impacted my soul’s journey! I love the colors too. This piece is loud, with a mixture of different melodies that all combine into a song of hope. The brightness adds to that😍 I really like how you brought it all together🥰

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  3. There`s an orange bullet form in a black and white `tube` at the bottom middle of this piece. Did you use this same motif in your painting Exotic Getaway? I was intrigued what it was the last time and it`s popped up again.

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    1. I’m surprised you caught that, Graham! You are correct, (I had to go back and check) but I did indeed use clippings from the same page! It was originally an ad for cocktails of some sort. I actually have a few strips left from that page, you may see it pop up again! 😉


  4. Different, fun. I like that it doesn`t fit in a standard box. When everything follows the same pattern it gets boring in the long run. A little bit of spice once in a while is great.

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    1. Thank you so much, that is always one of my goals! It’s kind of funny you mention balance, my husband, who knows nothing about art, actually said the same thing, he’s never said anything like that before!😉⚖


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