Good Times Roll

12” x 12” Mixed media on canvas

“Good Times Roll” is mostly acrylic with some alcohol ink. I was feeling optimistic about the future, and I think the bright colors and straight lines reflect that sentiment!

Every time I feel like giving up this art stuff, something new comes along and gives me encouragement to keep going!

I’m excited to announce that I was invited to participate in an exclusive art exhibition called “Art’s A Thriven” in the beautiful and historic, Rancho Santa Fe Inn, in Southern California! The show is unique in that each selected artist will paint a 18″ x 50″ banner that will be displayed throughout the Inn’s grounds through the Spring of 2021.

The finale of the show will include an auction of the banners at the gala event. The proceeds will benefit the Balboa Park Conservancy, one of my favorite non-profits!

I only have a month to turn in my banner, so I will be busy coming up with something special, stay tuned for the reveal! 😊🎨



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