Garden in Chaos

10″ x 10″ Mixed media on canvas

I literally almost threw this canvas in the trash. I have been working on it for months. It has been through multiple transitions. This happens quite often, the paintings that I dislike the most, eventually turn out to be the most popular.

Now that “Garden In Chaos” is complete, I love the floral accents, the contrasting colors and the whimsical outlines of petals. There are many layers of acrylic, alcohol ink, and gel sticks, all balanced in perfect chaotic harmony.

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  1. It reminds me of our garden, which is total chaos. You ended up pulling this one out of it’s various states, making a beautiful painting and , saving it from the trash.

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  2. It’s beautiful! I think we’re harder on ourselves and something we don’t like, others love! Also sometimes we all look at things from a different angle, lens. It’s beautifully done and looks amazing on your products!

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  3. So funny that this was at first one you didn’t like. I love it. The butterfly and all the lovely flowers and the colors are amazing. This is also a very happy piece. Your work is dazzling my friend. So your stuff on line is cleaver and truly lovely. I am impressed by all your doing. You go girl!!! Sending you love and hugs and inspiration for your next piece. Love y’all

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