20” x 20” Mixed media on canvas

Usually, when I come across a word I don’t know, I will look it up. That’s how I found “Arcane” adjective: arcane 1. understood by few; mysterious or secret. Synonyms:

  • abstruse 
  • deep
  • esoteric 
  • hermetic
  • profound 
  • recondite

Well, say no more, that should be the name of one of my paintings! I love the mysteriousness of the word, which is how I view some most of my abstract paintings. They come to me intuitively, almost as if by someone or something else, it’s hard to explain, which makes it that much more arcane!

This painting is covering another painting I did last year that I just didn’t love, so I painted over it. Beginning with spray paint and some stencils, I then added some swipes of acrylic, and finally felt it was complete with some a lot of alcohol ink splashed around. I do love the final piece, the colors, the mandalas, the mystery!

“Arcane” has been uploaded to my Redbubble site, click here to visit the shop and take a peek around!



  1. I have always felt what you’ve described here my dear. You know I get it😘 Such a beautiful piece. I love how the red feels like a gong of resonance color penetrating the entire piece. I studied it for awhile to really absorb its mystery🥰

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