Inktober Highlights

As an intuitive abstract artist, I don’t draw. I used to, but realized abstract art is my preference. But it’s important to push myself, learn, and try things out of my comfort zone.

So, this year I tried the Inktober 2020 challenge for the first time ever. I allowed myself 20 minutes for each drawing, and I posted my sketch based on the daily prompt everyday. I won’t bore you (or embarrass myself) with all 31 images, you can see them all on my Facebook page here, but below are some of my favorites!

Also, because I am very proud of myself, November 1st marked my 15 year anniversary of quitting smoking cigarettes!! That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!😊 I guess this is the right time of year to challenge myself! πŸ˜‰



  1. Wow! Your drawings are super impressive, Tiffany! But you know, in a way, in your abstracts, you draw feelings – in color! ❀️

    Oh, and quitting smoking in early β€˜83 nearly did me in, lol! Harder to quit than heroin they say for some folks; I don’t even want to find out! Congratulations on quitting! Wonderful gift to yourself AND ur husband! 😊

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