Journey Within

12” x 12” mixed media on canvas

Self discovery, finding yourself, becoming your true self, it all starts from within. It’s a journey I’ve finally embraced, I am well on my way, with much more to explore!

The mixed media used in this painting is mostly acrylic, some alcohol ink and pouring medium. It was a big ole mess at one point, then I used my wide tooth comb to move things around a bit, creating the texture and grooves that I love so much!

So many times have I found myself disappointed with a painting. I used to get frustrated and discouraged, sometimes throwing the whole canvas right in the trash. But I discovered that some of my favorite completed paintings were once disappointments, never give up on them! Put them away for a while, revisit and revamp, work with the parts you don’t like, and you might be surprised.



  1. Hey Tiffany, just coming by to tell thank you for your support and for being an awesome friend! I’ve decided it’s time for me to go. I really appreciate you! Keep painting and being the awesome creative lady you are! You’re really inspirational! God bless you!

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