Noise in the Night

12″ x 12″ Mixed media on canvas

Alright, this is one character I would NOT want to bump into in the middle of the night! I going for something pretty and colorful, maybe floral, but this is what I got, and I stopped here anyway. 

“Noise in the Night” might have been influenced by all the bugs we’ve been dealing with lately. Growing a vegetable garden from seed is fun and rewarding, until the caterpillars eat all your patience and hard work, overnight. Slugs, aphids and grasshoppers are also on my shit-list. I need a praying mantis and some ladybugs! 

Hope you all have a great weekend, don’t let the bugs get you! 😉

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  1. This is great. It reminds me of the old mines we used to explore back in the early 70s. One old mine we could get down about 4 levels. There were supposed to be another 8 below those that supposedly had the skeletons of Indians who had been worked to death and left to rot. I’m sure none of that was true, but for 11 and 12 year olds it was something to try and discover.

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    1. Thanks, Tim! Oh yeah, it’s funny how an 11-year-old mind is so open to those kinds of stories and tales, I too was certain that I would discover an underground cave or ancient dwelling filled with treasures and skeletons, I’m still looking!

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  2. Well glad you said it first, Tiffany! This would NOT be a place I’d want to try and walk through, lol! Same time, very powerful! Looks like something our grandson would love encountering on one of his video games! True, lol! 😊

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