Sea Heart

12″ x 12″ Acrylic on canvas

I’ve been feeling the love lately, well, at least I’ve been painting hearts lately! Maybe it’s because my husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in a couple weeks, but it’s always a good time to spread some love!

In the mindset of keeping art affordable for everyone, I will be sharing my original art work that is mostly priced under $200. This piece “Sea Heart” is only $95.00 and includes free shipping within the US! I am currently researching the best options for shipping overseas, so far, I have not found a reasonable method, but I am open to suggestions!

Sea Heart

12" x 12" Acrylic on canvas, wrapped on wood frame. Original abstract art work in the shape of a heart, makes a great gift for your loved one! Shipping included within the US. Please email me at if you have any questions!


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  1. It cost me almost $30 to send a couple of photos (unframed) to Estonia. We were on eBay for a while and found it was too hard to ship overseas. Happy Anniversary in advance!

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  2. That is a heartily beautiful heart. Happy anniversary. We will be celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary on May 29th. Out neighbors were also married on the 29th. We usually get together for a celebration. We are thinking about doing a socially distant walk in the bosque this year.

    Shipping overseas is expensive no matter how you ship. I recently sent a 6X8 photo on metal to England for $28. It was lightweight and I was able to mail it in a priority envelope. It took about a week for it to be delivered. Larger packages get really expensive, plus you also have to fill out all the customs crap. It’s a real pain to ship outside the USA. I don’t know how merchants ship stuff for free from China. They must have very different rules.


    1. That’s cool we share the same anniversary, it is a popular day to get married! Thanks for confirming that it isn’t just me that has a hard time shipping internationally, I’m not giving up, there must be a better way!

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      1. It often falls on Memorial day weekend, which makes it convenient and popular. We went to Mexico for our honeymoon, all travel plans were arranged by Laurie’s dad, which was a train to Mazatlan. Anything but romantic. I’ve made all our own travel plans since. Have you checked DHL? They are propably better in general for shipping larger packages outside the USA. I don’t know what their rates are like.

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        1. Oh no! I always thought a train ride sounded romantic, thanks for the heads up! Our honeymoon was in Zion, beautiful! I will check into DHL, but the painting that I am trying to ship (Coincidently it’s Tumultuous!) is on paper and can go in a tube.

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          1. Nice. I hope DHL has a reasonable solution. I’m waiting for various parts for the guitar. The skin should be here tomorrow. Your artwork got lots of compliments from the printer. I have the guitar body ready to go, so maybe next weekend I’ll have the skin on it. I mostlikely won’t have the guitar finished until July.

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  3. I admire you bringing the two worlds as one and the creative contrast and expressions,as always you are very descriptive directly and also allowing the hidden gems to be traced, peace and congratulations

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