The Times

15″ x 19″ Mixed media on cardboard

This was a late night mixed media that I discovered this morning. All the images were cut out of the New York Times newspaper from March 16th and pasted on an old cardboard lid that I used as a guard when spray painting. I’m getting creative with painting surfaces,  no more new art supplies for me for a while, being resourceful!

The images are haunting, as is the Covid-19 epidemic itself. I think its important to express our emotions and feelings through art while it’s happening. As artists, it’s kind of our responsibility to document the turbulent times for future generations. 

 I hope that you are staying isolated, healthy and optimistic, don’t stop creating!!!  

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  1. Excellent mixed media, Tiffany! It captures the sense of isolation with individuals stranded, as chaos unfolds before our eyes – something new everyday. I also like your use of that cardboard lid 🙂


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