20″ x 24″ Acrylic on canvas

We must make it a regular practice to clear our minds of the clutter, the useless and damaging information that is constantly infiltrating our minds through social media. If you let it build-up you might find yourself suffering from anxiety, which can be debilitating, I know.

Some people meditate, practice yoga, exercise, listening to music, mindful breathing, etc. For me, creating art, painting or whatever creative endeavor I am currently inspired by that helps me sort through the riff-raff that gets tangled up in my head. I find it therapeutic to get lost in my work, all while processing things that I’ve seen or heard that day. It is an “excavation” of sorts, carefully digging through the mess to uncover what is real and important, dismissing the rest.

I hope that you are enjoying this “extra day” of February,  have a happy weekend!



  1. You’ve nicely excavated the essence of what’s important into a creative cluster of shapes and colors, centralized in a space separate from the oftentimes overwhelming riff-raff which consumes our attentive state. 👍

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  2. It’s like discovering art inside an Indian cliff dwelling – one freshly laid out and freshly discovered all at once! Don’t know why I think that fits with your process this day creating this work, but either way, it’s marvelous, Tiffany! 😊

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