Silly String

9″ x 12″ Mixed media on watercolor paper

“Silly String” is one of my favorite new collages. I found the cat image in a magazine a while back and knew I had to use it somehow, he is just too precious! I hoard images that I cut out of magazines that I will use “someday,” and see, I do use them eventually!

You can purchase prints of this collage by clicking HERE to visit my Etsy Shop!!!

My own cat, Shady Grove, refuses to pose for me, she automatically knows when I am trying to take her picture, and then she always looks away, it drives me crazy! I still think she is pretty cute.

Shady absolutely loves to play with string. She also eats it if I leave it laying around, and we all know that is not good. So it’s a special treat for her when I break out the bag of her favorite strings, which always ends up looking a lot like the collage. I hope you like it!

Shady Grove on the cajon 2019

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  1. Cats do love string, don’t they? 😻 My cat seems to like scratching the back of my art chair lately when he is wanting my attention. They do know how to push our buttons! 😉 Great collage/painting – I really like your title too! 👍

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    1. Thank you, Jill! They know exactly how to get attention, or whatever it is they want! Shady loves to be with me in the studio since I work on the floor, she thinks I just want to be down on her level and give her the constant scratches she desires!

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  2. Precious kitty, Tiffany! Sheila & I (and the 6 yr old grandchild) love kitties 💕 Love the sense of space the skewed spirals create in front of magazine-kitty, like you’ve captured her perspective of the world as she sees it, lol ❤️

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