Butterfly in Pink Clouds

I’ve been painting on paper lately. I’ve also been doing a lot of collages. It’s fun to include pressed flowers, magazine images, other paintings, found objects, and various types of paint.

I went through a difficult time in the 90’s, I basically didn’t leave my apartment for about two years. During that time I did a lot of art. Most of it was collages. I plastered a huge wall corner to corner with my collages. I ended up throwing it all away. I sometimes have dreams of those pieces, haunting. 

Anyway, the collages I am doing now hopefully won’t cause anyone nightmares! They look very nice framed and are easy to transport, I will add prints of these to my new Etsy shop, in the very near future!




  1. The distinct object among the abstracted colors and shapes in itself is really nice, infused with your choices of colors, it’s magic, Tiffany! And don’t we wish, and dread, we still had some of our “lost” early work 😊

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