My Etsy Shop Is Live!

Meow! My Etsy Shop Mascot!

Since I have a large body of work to share with the world, I took the advice of fellow blogger Mike at and I opened my own Etsy Shop!!!

I’ve toyed with the idea over the years but never took the steps to get it done. It turns out it’s pretty simple to get started, but it is very time consuming. I only have a handful of items uploaded as of now, but you can bet I will be stocking the “shelves” as fast as I can before Christmas!

Here is the link to my shop called TiffanyArpDaleoArt!  Please click to visit and don’t forget to like/favorite, share, and of course, shop! Check back often to see what is new, I will be constantly updating inventory.

Also, I would love to include you in my periodic email newsletter updates! Please click here to subscribe!

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, remember to stay patient, breathe and enjoy the moment! Cheers!




    1. Oh no! I double-checked my settings and it is set up in US dollars, I am curious if others have the same issue. I did notice that most of my feeds are UK sellers, might need to adjust something to target the US, thanks for the feedback! I’m not surprised you like the cat, my mascot!

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        1. Oh, was very glad I was able to (favorite), your shop looks really attractive and your pricing seems really good! 😊 Etsy probably has someone or FAQ’s that can help you with your subscribe button; I’ve heard relatively good things from long-time folks there!

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