16″ x 20″ Mixed media

This is my tribute to Niki De Saint Phalle. The more I learn about her, the more I realize how much we had in common.

There is an awesome installment of her work in my home town of Escondido, CA, it’s called Queen Califa’s Magical Circle and it’s definitely worth a visit.

Niki was mostly known for her elaborate sculptures. She used all kinds of different materials, I especially like her Nana’s made of papier-mâché, yarn, and cloth. A friend of mine who actually knew Niki personally has several original pieces in her home, so I have seen them in person. The piece that stood out to me is a large blue snake that is carefully hung in the dining room, it is very striking and memorable in it’s bright blue.

My piece “Snake” started as a woven painting, (two paintings cut into strips and woven together) but it was lacking something. I’m not sure why the red circles, but the snake is what completes this for me!



  1. It’s a beautiful tribute. Of course, I love snakes, and this is a double take on the snake as a single element in the piece, and the snake as part of a goofy happy face that works very well in the painting.

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