Pastels 28

9" x 12" pastel on watercolor paper
by Tiffany Arp Daleo
9″ x 12″ pastel on watercolor paper

I’ve been playing with pastels for the last few weeks, it turns out, I’m obsessed. I have so many wonderful pieces, I can’t possibly name them all, so, the ones I share here are getting assigned numbers instead.

Please inquire if you are interested in purchasing. Original and prints are available for sale, just matted, or matted and framed. All are reasonably priced and make lovely gifts!



      1. I confess I’m not much of an artist. I can’t draw perfect circles or draw a straight line! But I enjoy things that kind of excuse my lack of skill and still turn out acceptable..

        Pastels are interesting to me. But I also have a thing for watercolor.

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