4th Annual Animal Kingdom Exhibit

I can barely believe it! One of my paintings was accepted in Fusion Art’s 4th Annual Animal Kingdom Online Juried Art Exhibit!!! Click here to see the show!!!

I don’t know how many submissions they had, but I do know they received submissions from all around the world including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Guatemala, the Netherlands, Italy, India, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Ecuador and Brazil. To say I am honored and proud to have been selected is a major understatement!

For this competition, both 2D and 3D artists were invited to submit their best art and photography depicting animals, both domestic and wild.  The artwork could include any animals that live on land, in the sea or in the air.

Here is my little painting! BTW, I have prints available for sale!

“Thick Skinned” 12″ x 12″ Acrylic on Canvas


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