Pariah Brewing Art Show

Photo by Xavier Bailey

The show at Pariah Brewing last week was a smashing success! I was blown away by how many people came out to support me and our local art community. The San Diego art scene is really growing and thriving and I am so excited to a part of it!

Coming up next, I’ve been invited to participate in AC/SD’s “Who Are You” inaugural art reception on April 26th at Torque Moto Cafe in North Park! This is going to be a fun one, each artist is asked to create a so called “self portrait” in our favorite medium that describes who we are, what we do, how we see ourselves through our art. It sounds rather challenging and exciting, I can’t wait to see what happens!



  1. Nice to have outlets to show and sell your work. I also like seeing the paintings hanging with their tags and next to your supporters, because it shows the size of your artwork. I remember all those hours I spent in art history classes looking at slides of paintings that gave me no sense of the scale of the artwork. When I finally got to see many of the paintings we studied in the National Gallery, Prado, Louvre, Uffizi, etc., I was often surprised by how large or small the paintings were.

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