Blue In Green

This is part of a small series I just completed. A little different than my “normal” in that the colors are simple, clean and defined. I like the way they stand out on the plain white background.

16″ x 20″ Abstract acrylic on canvas



24 x 36 on recycled canvas

I painted Essence after a self discovery exercise I did with life coach Denise Yamada. It was an amazing experience and it left me feeling very empowered and inspired! It was determined that my Essence is: Creativity, Heart, Joy, Commitment and Serenity. I think this painting summarizes all of my Essence words!


Lots of stuff going on here. It’s all personal shit, deep dark and it seems to be coming out in my paintings lately. There’s a lot there to express, and it is all part of the process. I hope that it means something special to you, on your own level.

30 x 40 stretched canvas with spray paint and acrylic, knife and pour.

Pouring Paint

I’ve recently discovered the art of pouring paint. It’s basically acrylic paint mixed with a pouring medium and poured over canvas or wood or whatever.

The colors separate and form cells, it’s really quite mesmerizing! I’m just learning and experimenting now, but I imagine I will be expanding on this medium, the possibilities are exciting!