Favorite Photos From December 2021

My new iPhone finally arrived a couple weeks ago!!!! I only wish I had time to play with it and learn about all the new features! I didn’t take many pictures this month, but my schedule will slow down in January and I’m looking forward to spending time with my new best friend and seeing what it’s capable of!

Like so many others, I need more time. One way I plan to achieve this is by turning off comments on some of my posts. Please don’t think I don’t love hearing from you, I really do love your likes and comments!!! But, it takes a lot of time to reply to them, so this is one way to give me an extra 30 minutes a day to take on a new creative project, submit to a new gallery, or maybe just do another load of laundry! 😉

Thank you for understanding, and please feel free to send me an email, should you want to reach out between posts at tiffanyarpdaleo@gmail.com. 🥰

Shady Grove basking in the sunlight!