Lots of stuff going on here. It’s all personal shit, deep dark and it seems to be coming out in my paintings lately. There’s a lot there to express, and it is all part of the process. I hope that it means something special to you, on your own level.

30 x 40 stretched canvas with spray paint and acrylic, knife and pour.

Pouring Paint

I’ve recently discovered the art of pouring paint. It’s basically acrylic paint mixed with a pouring medium and poured over canvas or wood or whatever.

The colors separate and form cells, it’s really quite mesmerizing! I’m just learning and experimenting now, but I imagine I will be expanding on this medium, the possibilities are exciting!

My Up Side Down

I’m excited about this piece, and a little spooked! At first I was was feeling an underwater kind of vibe, but after a few slaps of paint here, and a dab of paint there, I soon realized I was somewhere else.

Painting on recycled canvas, 24″ x 24″ spray paint, acrylic paint, with knife and brush. September 2018.


Thick Skinned

“Thick Skinned” is definitely one of my favorite paintings from my Broken Toe series. It was created with spray and acrylic paint, by knife on a 12 x 12 canvas.

The elephant appeared by “happy accident,” as soon as I saw it I was excited, the elephant is clearly one of my spirit animals.

SOLD!!!! Bubbles in the Atmosphere

Bubbles in the Atmosphere – Acrylic with knife and brush on stretched canvas, 30″ x 40″

This is one of the first paintings I finished in a long time. It means a lot to me. For some reason it opened my creative energy that had been stagnant for a long time.  Suddenly it came to a point that I knew that it was complete and needed nothing more.

That feeling had eluded me for years, I couldn’t finish, I struggled to complete any projects. This was a breakthrough.

Since I finished Bubbles in the Atmosphere in July 2018, I have been on a rampage, I couldn’t (still can’t) stop painting! I’ve started dozens of new projects, and actually finished them!

I finally learned to trust myself. I’ve let go of my fear, and my need for approval. It’s mine, I love it, and if you like it too, wonderful, enjoy!

Now, what do I do with all these paintings?? 🙂