Art Show Success!

“As the Apple Drops” Mother Daughter Art Show was a smashing success!

We had a fabulous turnout, over 70 signatures in the sign in book! I am so grateful to our friends and family that were able to join us, and we had a steady flow of foot traffic from regular library patrons too!

I got to display some of my desktop art pieces!
This was my side of the room!
Mom’s beautiful watercolor paintings!
The artists, Sharon Arp Boucher & Tiffany Arp Daleo

I can not tell you how special it was to finally have a real art show with my mom! She is a truly talented watercolor artist, I am amazed by her dedication to her work, and I love that she continues to learn and grow her skills by taking classes every week. I just wish we lived closer and I could paint along side her!

Special thanks to Shirley Wible at the Sun City Library, she was so kind to organize and promote the show, she is a true professional and supporter of the arts! Also special thank you to Cathy, my moms art teacher for letting us borrow some easels, and she stayed to support us the entire day, making sure people signed the guest list.



  1. Fantastic! Super displays of your paintings and your mom’s watercolors. I think it’s fabulous that you could do a joint show. Okay Ms. Sharon Arp Boucher. Time to get an art blog going.

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  2. Just love the whole way ya’ll pulled this off, what a wonderful memory to be and wonderful experience together, Tiffany!

    That itself is enough, but ya’ll had more – wonderful art to share with the world, the soft gentle vibration of true kinship between the two “sides” of the room. You are both marvelous! ❤️

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